Meeting the Needs of the Homeless Since 1905

Since 1905, the Helping Hand Rescue Mission has ministered the gospel of Jesus Christ to the homeless and needy of Philadelphia.

At the Helping Hand Rescue Mission, services are offered; regardless of how many times an individual has fallen down. We serve those that have often been abandoned by main-stream society. This is our duty and responsibility as Christians.

 Founded by Charles A. Toner, the Mission has served, throughout its history, the truly needy who have no place else to turn for food and clothing. For many, we are the place of last resort.

 Today, the Mission ministers to a diverse homeless population that includes young men, women with children, families, the mentally ill, the drug addicted, the handicapped, veterans, the newly released prisoners and members of all races, The Mission has adapted its services to meet the ever changing needs of the diverse population.

The Missions' current director, Matthew D. Gallashaw, II, an ordained associate minister of the Christ Baptist Church of Burlington, New Jersey, conducts the chapel services.

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